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Top Notch Healthcare Google Ads Services

Mentoriz aims to provide you with full Google ads services by targeting the best and suitable keywords for your healthcare business that drive your customers right to your doorstep.

What will you get from our Google Ads Services?

Google Ads services is one of the best solutions that will give you quick and amazing results.

According to google statistics, it has been shown that brand awareness is increased by 80% when using google ad services.

Moreover, statistics indicated that about 50% of customers targeted through Google PPC campaigns may take their purchase decision.

Our professional search engine marketing services will help you get more clicks and drive higher number of traffic to your website by targeting the right audience using our keyword research strategy, and creating and managing ads campaigns that meet your google ads budget per sale.


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What makes our Google Ad Services Special?

Our PPC ads team aim to achieve quick results for your healthcare business, improve your profitability and increase your conversion rate through adopting the following strategy:

How Can I benefit from creating PPC campaigns on Google?

Google Pay-per-click campaigns help increase your brand awareness and number of purchases, as 33% of search engine users click on paid results because they help them reach what they are looking for easily and answers their inquiries more effectively.

How can I create PPC ads on Google at a cost that fits my budget?

Our PPC advertising experts create advertising campaigns at a cost that fits your budget, by choosing keywords that help you reach more customers at a lower cost.

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