4 Motion Graphics Ideas for Medical E-Marketing

Motion graphics videos have become of great importance in the marketing operations of medical clinics; for their high effectiveness in influencing their viewers; What are the best motion graphics ideas that help in marketing success? What is the importance of motion graphics in marketing medical clinics?

What is motion graphics?

If we try to translate the term “Motion Graphics,” we will find that it means animation, which is a group of drawings that are shown in succession with the aim of telling important stories or topics in a smooth and simplified manner that is easy for viewers to perceive.

The Motion Graphics idea includes some design and montage work, Where the designer collects a set of appropriate images and introduces some modifications to achieve the desired goals and facilitate adequate communication of the idea.

The importance of motion graphics for medical business

The importance of motion graphics for medical work lies in the following points:

The ability to communicate your message as a doctor to patients or others who care to follow you easily.
Ease of raising awareness among patients and increasing their culture properly.
Increase the fame your name or your clinic has.
Ease of reaching clients and getting their reactions and opinions on the services you provide through your clinic.
Increasing the effectiveness of communication between you as a doctor and the community and the public interested in the services you provide.
The possibility of illustrating specific process steps in the form of an animated video with clear, simple, and easy-to-understand content.
Marketing your medical services on all social media platforms and other sites that support such videos easily without apparent complexity.
By designing a motion graphic, you can explain the details of a specific disease in a simple and easily understandable way.
The importance of Motion Graphics also lies in the ability to deliver valuable, compelling, and attractive content to the audience through a video whose parts are clear and explained in a simple way.
This type of video is unique in that it is easy to explain statistics and numbers, especially those statistics that are difficult for the human mind to absorb in other ways.
Motion graphics videos can transform some content from being boring or complex to simple and attractive parts that the viewer will not tire of.
5 Steps to Create a Motion Graphics Video

After choosing good motion graphics ideas, designing this video goes through 5 steps as follows:

Scriptwriting: The script is the script for the video content to be designed.
Frame shaping: This means drawing the frame of the video after merging the footage with the script.
Audio recording: At this stage, the different sounds are recorded according to what was determined to be appropriate for the required content through the previous two steps.
Graphic design: Here, the graphic design is based on the idea of ​​​​animating it to make the video.
Animation of the final designs: This is the step in which the actual animation of the graphics is carried out to suit the sound to produce a high-quality video.
4 Motion Graphics Ideas for Medical Marketing

After recognizing the importance that motion graphics videos play in the e-marketing process for medical clinics, we now show you some tips and motion graphics ideas that help make them a successful and effective e-marketing method.

1. Build a collaborative creative team

The idea of ​​making a motion graphic video is not done once; You need to design several sequential parts to tell the topic of the video.

Motion graphic design on parts requires the cooperation of more than one specialized person, each of whom designs his part to the fullest to produce a high-quality video.

One of the advantages of the team is that each one has his own idea, and collecting ideas from more than one person contributes to creating more creative ideas, which means making a high-impact video.

2. Check before you act

When you find yourself unable to fully implement your idea with the required quality for one reason or another, do not take your decision to implement the idea even if it is big; Instead, you can implement a simple idea with high quality.

3. Set a clear goal before making the video

Your goal in the idea of ​​making a motion graphic video will contribute to the decisions you make while creating it; Therefore, before implementation, you must set a clear goal for yourself.

4. Focus on the timing of the movement

The timing and speed of movement have a strong impact on video quality, So always try to time the movement in the video appropriately so that the movement does not become slow and boring to the viewer or fast so that the viewer does not have enough time to see some details.

The most important questions
How is a motion graphic video designed?
Frame formation.
Audio Recording.
Graphic design.
Animation of final designs.
How important is goal setting in video marketing?

Defining the goal is one of the foundations of video marketing success and enables you to make powerful and effective decisions.

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